more xffm changes and bugs

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Mon Jan 27 00:02:23 CET 2003

El sáb, 25-01-2003 a las 07:21, Jens Luedicke escribió:
> Hi ...
> I modified the find and the remove dialog to
> have a more consistent look&feel. I hope that is ok :)

Of course.

> I found a new selection bug:
> 1) select some files
> 2) right click on them
> 3) only the files where the mouse cursor is over stays selected

Yes. It's intentional. That's because the popup depends on what kind of
element is selected. Also because many items of the popup only take one
argument (like touch, rename, duplicate, etc). A popup menu
configuration for multiple elements and for multiple mixed type elements
has to be thought on. 

> btw, the refresh and rename function add the new/renamed files
> on the top of the opened folder. 

Also intentional. Sorting is done before inserting the elements to the
treeview to make it faster and less taxing on resources (the internal
treeview mechanics for sorting are somewhat of a resource hog AFAICT).
Maybe in the future we can add the internal treeview sort as an option.


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