xfdesktop (small) additions

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Sat Jan 25 17:36:55 CET 2003

Hi Jasper,

On Sat, 2003-01-25 at 17:29, Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> I added images to xfce-utils, but I guess they should also be moved here
> now.

Not necesarily, we installed far too many images anyway. I think it's
better to install a couple of images by default, and let people install
the others with xfce-utils if they want.

> Pretty, very pretty! Are you running Lunar Linux or something? Your
> backgrounds are ideal for a lunar theme :))

Hehehe, no I'm not running Lunar :)

Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at xfce.org>

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