Split xfce-mcs-manager package and plugins

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at moongroup.com
Sat Jan 25 14:00:46 CET 2003

On 25 Jan 2003 12:04:57 +0100
Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at xfce.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I plan to split the package xfce-mcs-manager: the manager itself and
> the plugins so that ROX can use xfwm4 along with ROX Session.
> Anybody disagree with this approach ?

Not necessarily, but to me the plugins seem to be a bit small to have
their own CVS module.

I can think of two other solutions now:

1) add an --disable-general-plugins commandline switch (better name

2) add them to xfdesktop, which is already kinda incompatible with other
   desktop / wm environments


> Cheers,
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