New update script

nestu the_new_guiri at
Thu Jan 23 19:50:54 CET 2003

O.K., I haven't been all that quick posting this update, you're right! :\ But having said that, there is a new version, correcting the old error, and adding a little hopefully useful option: 
--saveoptions. It'll store the command line options (w/o "--storeoptions") in ~/.update_xfce4.opts.  So next time you run the script *without* any options (e.g. "./update_xfce") ~/.update_xfce4.opts 
will be read, as if you had passed the params on the cmdline. Next time you store, it'll overwrite ~/.update_xfce4.opts. If you want to go back to the start, just remove the ~/.update_xfce4.opts file. 
Commmand line options override reading the .opts file. I hope I have made myself clear ;) Enjoy and complain as much as possible! 
bye bye!
nestu a.k.a. nestucho ;))))

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