Desktop menus not showing

Russ Pitman rjp at
Fri Jan 24 07:15:35 CET 2003

On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 08:07:21PM +0530, Biju Chacko wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Jan 2003 21:29:26 -0800, Russ Pitman wrote:
> > 
> > Am I missing something here?
> xfdeskmenu is deprecated, and is no longer expected to be in the
> production version of XFce4. It seems to be affected with a bad case of
> bit rot too. For that matter xfbd4 is also deprecated. xfdesktop is the
> replacement for both of these apps.
> Of course, that said, I have to admit that I am not using xfdesktop. I
> can't operate without minimised program icons. I dislike taskbars, so I
> am stuck with ROX-Filer for now.
> -- b
Thanks for the info. Getting Rox down now for a looksee. 

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