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James Tappin sjt at
Tue Jan 21 15:22:31 CET 2003

Hi there,
	Not sure if this is important, but I just found the following while
doing a google search for xffm:

Title:          xffm
Version:        1.0
Entered-date:   22 Jul 97
Description:    X-Window Floating File Menu (first version):
                A new X background menu that works like
                a File-Cabinet; i.e. raise and lower
                menu instead of cascaded pop-ups.
Keywords:       X-Window-Menu Floating Menu
Author:         Michael Sohmen <somi0011 at>
Maintained-by:  Michael Sohmen <somi0011 at>
Primary-site: (probably)
Platforms:      X-Window + *ix (Primary Linux)
Copying-policy: GPL

It looks to be a dead project though so it probably isn't a problem.

BTW shouldn't xfce4 use xffm as its default file manager rather than xftree which is 
currently in the default set up?

Best regards,

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