Strange xfdesktop behaviour/subsorting of panel

Moritz Heiber MisterMoe at
Sun Jan 19 18:17:01 CET 2003


1) I've just noticed a strange xfdesktop behaviour. I had to restart my box today and
after the restart all my xfdesktop settings were gone (except the margin settings).
There wasn't any backround set and the count of virtual desktops was reduced to 4 (6
usually). So it looks like the settings weren't saved (I reviewed the defaults and
the corresponded with the settings I had, f.e. 4 v-desks). The odd thing about this
is that I just checked the xmls and they were okay with the right settings in them.
Any clue?

2) The sorting in the submenus doesn't work for me. If I add an item at the first
place and resort it after creating (f.e. to position 5) it will appear as the first
item again after I restart the panel.

Thanks in advance :-)



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