Uploaded XFce4's auto-update ver 0.2.4

nestu the_new_guiri at yahoo.es
Sat Jan 18 15:05:32 CET 2003

Now if my mail client works, and moongroup isn't complaining, you should be reading this :þ. I sent a mail a couple of days ago, w/o luck :"( Let's 
see: there is a new script version, with a couple of updates. Option naming has been changed, so have a look at --help. Compiling has changed a little, adding a autogen.sh try if with ./configure or after it there's a problem. 
Jasper's new xfdesktop module has also been included. It's a merge from daglia's and Olivier's patches, so thank to them ;) (with my little salt 'n 
pepper) :þ 
Enjoy! (and treat with care)
C U! Have a nice weekend!
nestu ;)))

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