a bit futher now but still problems!

Didier Wiroth didier.wiroth at mcesr.etat.lu
Fri Jan 17 15:44:21 CET 2003

>This looks like a "configure" bug, which should determine where the
>header files are located and build a makefile accordingly. The easiest
>way you can get it to compile is to edit the problem Makefile.am (there
>may be more than one) and add to compile specifications a "-I
>>Many thanks
What do you mean exactly with "add to compile specifications a "-I 
Do you mean I have to add this String in the concerned Makefile.am?
There are to Makefile.am in my  libxfce4mcs directory:
/libxfce4mcs/Makefile.am (which I assume is the right one, but there 
which section should I choose than?)
There are lot of lib_LTLIBRARIES= or libxfce4mcs_managerincludedir 
...etc :-)) pretty new for me!

Or do I have to add do something like:
gmake -I /usr/X11R6/include

Sorry I'm a *NIX newbie and a non-programmer! Simply curious about how 
all this works! So if my questions sounds stupid, please apologies!

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