bug zapping update for xffm

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Mon Jan 13 03:22:23 CET 2003

Hi all,

I had a real fun time squashing bugs during the weekend. Now that I'm
back in civilization, I've updated the CVS. And I must say that during
the weekend I managed to work all the time with xffm and no xftree. I
specially like to be able to double click on the "find" results. Here's
a summary of the changes:

bug reported by Jonathan fixed (thanks for backtrace). I can get the
same crash
with a file with name "-".

optimized diagnostics printout and removed memory leak from status

bug fixed: status box and diagnostics box should not accept drops

bug fixed: new command may proceed after warning if target file already

bug fixed: update_dir routine was not running through completely (fixes
rename bug)

bug fixed : delete everything inside a local wastebasket --> segv.

bug fixed : on rename a file of type1 to a file that already exists of
name2 and type2, the icon for type1 is not properly set (remains as

fixed status line for expanded directories to keep xffm slender

fixed print_status "Expanding", "Loading" to use name, not path, and
keep xffm slender.

fixed on expand and collapse, columns should be resized

bug fixed: no popup for broken links. No way to delete or rename cut
copy broken links

bug fixed: not updating directory after a symlink, duplicate or scramble

fixed: no error message when incorrect scramble key specified

fixed: on set_wait, no widgets should turn on
fixed: on scramble, once running, unmap input.

fixed: relative paths in root_local to keep size compact

done: double click on bookmark should make the open with default action
for directories to be "xffm"

done: default size for bookmark should be medium and position first.

fixed: select root_bookmarks and press new xffm button = sigabort

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