xfwm4 mcs plugin not being loaded

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Fri Jan 10 12:07:57 CET 2003

Hi Jasper,

> Oops, Olivier, this is a glib 2.2 function. 

Yes, I've seen that.

> This poses a new question should we just require gtk 2.2, so we can
> use
> the enhanced functionality? All this in the expectation that everyone
> will use it by the time we can release XFce 4.0.

Good question. I dunno. I would tend to say that we should standardize on
gtk+/glib 2.2, but there is a installed base of distro that ship with 2.0 (Think
Mdk 9.0, RH8 comes with gtk+/glib 2.1 so this one should be no problem)

I walked arround the problem by testing the glib version and using a local copy
of the function when using glib < 2.1 but that's clearly not a solution for all
problems of this type.

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