xffm make crashes while scrambling

Russ Pitman rjp at belle.apana.org.au
Thu Jan 9 03:36:09 CET 2003

New here with zero developer capabilities. 

Hope no one minds.

On Tue, Jan 07, 2003 at 09:22:29PM -0500, Jeff Blank wrote:
> I just checked out the most current cvs of all of the xfce4 packages and am 
> building from a clean directory.  I am up to xffm and I had 2 problems.  first 
> ./configure did not create a makefile.in for make.  I then used autogen.sh 
> which kicked me out with the same missing file error.  Just for the heck of 
> it, I then typed make and lo and behold something happened!  Well, until it 
> tried to start making all in scramble.  heres the error dump from it
I gave up when there was no 'configure' executable in the package.
Went back a few minutes ago and 'configure' is there now :-)
However no 'Makefile.in' so ./configure dies right near the end :-(
Will try again later...
I only need this module to have a complete set.

It will be nice to actually try to get xfce4 running.
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