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Pablo pastulap at poczta.onet.pl
Fri Jan 3 16:14:41 CET 2003


There are a few things which bug me in xfce4. Although I'm not sure if the first one is xfce problem.
When I launch some gtk application, ie. GIMP, and save an image file, several dialogs open with save settings. What bugs me the most is that when some of these dialogs open, they're placed partially off the screen. I have to move a dialog to be able to press ok or other button. Can't xfce make an application to open dialogs entirely on the screen? The same situation appears when I launch gkrellm. If I don't set -geometry +0+30, and have taskbar open, gkrellm is placed in a way I can't move its location. Also Java applications (1.4.) used to open in a way that a title bar was outside the screen. It didn't appear on JDK 1.3 but if the window manager could force an application to open on the screen it would be great.

The second thing is connected with resizing of a window. I'm missing a feature from xfce 3.x where I could resize a window by dragging upper edge of a window. In xfce4 I can resize dragging only left, right or bottom edge of a window (and of course corners). When I open xdvi, I can't see the whole application screen as its height is higher than my vertical resolution. I can't resize it vertically as I can't move the window upper and resize dragging the botton edge, and I can't resize it dragging upper edge. I'm stuck.

Another thing is that after closing xfce panel I can't get it back but I believe it was mentioned in other posts.

I haven't tried hard enough to find a solution to the next problem but here it goes. It's easy to remove a button from xfce panel (i.e. a clock) by simply using remove button. But I could't find "Add" button. Of course there is a configuration file to do it, but it's not a user friendly way.

Anyway I'm very pleased with xfce4 and use it exclusively (when I'm not at work).



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