new name for bookmarks?

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Wed Feb 19 14:57:23 CET 2003

On 19 Feb 2003 07:37:27 -0600
edscott wilson garcia <edscott at> wrote:

> Hi,
>   I just realized that the name "bookmarks" for the corresponding root
> element in xffm might be confusing since the term is used in another
> way by other fms. For xffm it is rather a virtual folder (behaving
> like a folder with symlinks but without any symlinks). So the name
> should be changed (and maybe the icon too). I can only think of
> changing it to"Virtual", so if anybody has any alternate ideas, now
> it's time to suggest. 

Perhaps too windowsy, but I thought of 'Shortcuts'.

definitely less than 2 cents, 


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