another feature request

Adam Stephens adam.c.stephens at
Sun Feb 9 20:09:56 CET 2003


i'll start off by saying that xfce4 is awesome. i've tried and used many
other wm's, but have stayed with this one ever since i installed from
cvs. there are only a few things i would like to see implemented, and
only one of those really matters to me.

how difficult would it be to allow workspace switching by the flick of a
mouse wheel? i know a few others implement this, such as openbox and
windowmaker. i cant get into pagers or keyboard shortcuts for such
things. i have been using the right click menu to switch, but thats an
extra step. i was looking into the code for xfwm, but i didnt know if
that was the right place to be looking. if anyone would know how to
implement this or point me in the right place for such things i would be

the other thing i would like to see is more window snapping. right now
you can set windows to snap to the edge of the screen, which is great,
but is it possible to have windows snap against each others edges?

last, i havent been using the taskbar because i'm running xinerama. it
seems a bit excessive to me to have the taskbar stretch all the way
across two screens. i just wanted to point that out.

thanks, and keep up the good work.

Adam Stephens <adam.c.stephens at>

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