Status of xfce4

Marc Hildebrand marc.hildebrand at
Sat Feb 8 17:32:43 CET 2003

Just two "feature enhancements requests" because I'm perfectly happy 
with the way xfce4 is approaching.
Is there a plan to implement "dockapps" like wmaker and fluxbox have? 
(These are the two I know they support it) By implementing I mean 
loading into the panel.
If not, we should think of more panel-apps like device mounting, 
volume-control and so on.
I know the average user will want this and I like the above two too.

Second thought is what about an aoutohide-function for the panel?
The two desktop-biggies have this and I like the space I save on my 
laptops display.

Apart from that, I think xfce4 is ready for rc1. As a former fluxbox 
user I'm pretty used to "joe .fluxbox/menu" and especially flux is a 
good example for user contribs, the gui menu-editor is a contributed one.

Keep up the good work.

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