xffm updates

Jens Luedicke jens at irs-net.com
Wed Feb 5 12:40:59 CET 2003

On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 05:10, edscott wilson garcia wrote:
> I've updated a few changes to xffm. Also some bug fixes. You can now
> hide/show the upper bars with one click "a la" mozilla. It will also set
> it as user preference (although preferences are not yet stored to disk
> file). This should solve the "too many toolbars" issue, I hope. 
> Jens, you might want to take a look at the new glade file for any
> improvements it might need.

I found a unused handlebox and removed it. 

I expanded the menubar and the toolbars to
use the full window width. (looks better)

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