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Tue Dec 23 22:37:16 CET 2003

031223 James Earl wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-12-23 at 06:52, Francois Le Clainche wrote:
>> Le mardi 23 décembre 2003 à 14:37, Bernhard Walle a écrit:
>>>> an accidental double-click on the menu button of a title bar
>>>> closes the window, and I don't think that's an expected behaviour.
>>> Why shouldn't this be the intended behaviour? Windows has this feature,
>>> CDE has it, more other window managers have it,
>>> why shouldn't XFce have it?
>> Absolutely no reason at all :D  I just did not know that feature.
>> It's my first accidental double click on a menu button ever :P
> I was a little surprised when I double clicked it also  :)
> I'd rather the menu opened instantly
> rather than being able to double click to close the window.
> no big deal though.  You definitely remember after the first time!

well, i didn't know & mt easily have double-clicked by accident,
thereby losing a window with an important file being edited etc.

that M$ Windows does it is certainly no reason at all for XFCE to do it
nor really is CDE a reason: how many people still use CDE ?

double-clicking is awkward & generally a bad idea,
which arose originally in the days when mice had only  1  button
-- eg the very first Mac c 1982 -- to allow extra functions,
which today wb assigned to the 2nd or 3rd buttons or the wheel.

can we not try to eliminate double-clicking everywhere in XFCE,
using multiple buttons & the wheel to get the same effects ?
isn't that more in tune w the ease & elegance which characterise XFCE ?

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