Localized xfce4rc files...

Tyler W. Wilson twilson at eduplay.com
Mon Dec 22 18:29:10 CET 2003

I was trying to get a localized xfce4rc file working, guessing from some
of the files from CVS that it is of the form xfce4rc.<language_code>.
But to no avail. So I get set up to step through the code. Some comments:

- the xfce4 panel will always use the xfce4rc file if it can find one in
the users rc dir (~/.xfce4)

- even if a user has a localized xfce4rc file (eg xfce4rc.es), it will
not be used if there is a xfce4rc file there.

- if it cannot find a xfce4rc file in the user rc dir, it will look for
a localized xfce4rc file from the sys rc dir (on mine /etc/.xfce4,
others may go to /usr/etc/.xfce4)

- if it loads from a localized xfce4rc.LL file, it will save to the
users rc dir a new xfce4rc, with no language extension.

The scenario I would like to handle - which I don't think is too
far-fetched - is to be able to switch locales under the same user and
have the proper language come up. Given this, here are my humble

- Xfce should always look at the currently set locale, and look for an
xfce4rc file with that locale extension. Even if there is a xfce4rc file
with no extension (which should be the default locale "C" or "POSIX").

- If Xfce cannot find the proper xfce4rc file, then it should look for
one in the sys rc dir, and copy it with the same name to the users rc
dir, maintaining the extension.

This would allow a user to have multiple rc files in different
languages, and switch between them simply by changing the locale settings.

On a side note, I noted that the Xfce web site mentions it follows the
freedesktop.org standards in many cases. But going through all this I
found that they do not use the Desktop Entry Specification, which would
be used for the links in the panel, I would think. They handle different
languages with different key name, so all languages go into one file.

Anyway, hope this is all useful, and I hope it gets 'fixed'.

Tyler Wilson

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