xfce-4.0.2 released

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at moongroup.com
Mon Dec 22 08:38:17 CET 2003

Excellent! I updated the ftp mirror on berlios (sources only):


BTW, I noticed xfcalendar was added to the release. Was that
intentional? (it is perfectly ready for it, IMO)

You also released the sample plugin. That one is not at all up-to-date,
I'm afraid. We could remove it from the release, or leave it in, no big


Op zo 21-12-2003, om 22:15 schreef Olivier Fourdan:
> Hello World\n
> The XFce Team is pleased to announce the release 4.0.2 of the 
> XFce 4 Desktop Environment and Development Platform.
> This is a bugfix release and all users of 4.0.0 and 4.0.1 are 
> encouraged to upgrade to this version.
> Quick sum-up of changes: 
> * Improve window manager responsiveness
> * Various bug fixes in file manager, window manager and panel
> * More 64bit clean up
> * New translation added: Azerbaijani
> Please visit http://www.xfce.org or http://xfce.sf.net for file 
> download.
> Rgds,

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