wavelan plugin woes

Shadoe shadoe at shadoegrounds.com
Sat Dec 20 06:52:58 CET 2003

Jolan Luff wrote:

>I had a similar issue on OpenBSD.  For me, it turned out that even
>though -avoid-version is used, the plugin is still versioned:
>xfce4-panel will not attempt to load it if it's versioned.  Obvious
>solution is to copy/move it to libewavelan.so. 
>Please let me know if this gets things working for you.  On OpenBSD,
>loading the plugin gives ld.so errors.  It appears this may be just the
>tip of the iceberg.
>Good luck,
>- Jolan
Something else is apparently the problem :/
It didn't version it. I have libwavelan.so.
I recall a similar issue with the netload plugin (i think,  or was it 
systemload?) where it would compile fine but not appear in the list to 
load. Perhaps this has a similar fix?
Im stumped!

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