Two bugs in xfce4 - Battery Monitor

Luis Miguel García ktech at
Wed Dec 10 04:42:39 CET 2003

Hi... I'm testing the battery monitor. I'm only interested in the 
temperature of the cpu feature, but I have found two bugs:

1- The pluging only shows a "bar" when the panel is in "vertical" mode. 
If I need to see all the options, I must set the panel horizontal and 
then get back to vertical. Then, all the data is shown.

2- If battery.ko module of the kernel is not loaded, the plugin doesn't 
work at all. I'll try to explain me (i'm not native english speaker). 
When xfce starts, it reads the temperature one time, and then it's never 
refresh it unless I do a "modprobe battery". Then, the temperature is 
correctly updated. I think that having battery support in acpi must not 
be a requeriment because this plugin has other features (such as 
temperatura of cpu) that doesn't rely on the battery module.

What do you think?


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