[PATCH] Panel Clock Improvements: I18N tooltip, calender popup

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at moongroup.com
Thu Dec 4 09:33:57 CET 2003

Hey Oliver,

Op wo 03-12-2003, om 23:40 schreef Oliver M. Bolzer:
> Hi!
> Last weekend I finally got the time to try XFce and I love it! Great Work.
> To get a feel for the code, I hacked the clock panel-plugin to add
> the one feature I was most missing after leaving KDE's panel behind me.
> - Calender Popup when clicking on the clock
>   The code is almost entirely taken from the datetime plugin Choe Hwanjin.
>   I liked the calender but prefered the clock from the standard pluin
>   more, so combined the best of both worlds.

I'm not sure. I was thinking about running xfcalendar from the clock.
That would give you additional appointments.

What do other people think about this?

> The other patch is also for the clock plugin to internationalize
> the date tooltip. 
> - Internationalize clock's tooltip
>   On a glibc system, passing %x to strftime would have been sufficent,
>   but that's not portable, hence  nl_langinfo( D_FMT ). Because there
>   is no standartized format that also includes %a at the locale-dependent 
>   place, it is not shown. An alternative would be to include locale-dependent
>   format-strings for strftime(3) in each locale's message catalog.

Excellent. I did already make the panel use strftime in CVS, but your
patch is much more thorough, since I forgot the conversion to utf8 ;-)
Btw, the utf8date string must be freed afterwards.

However, I don't like the date represented in the numeric format, so I
guess the only way to do this is let translators change the format
string. I believe xffm does this as well. Are there any other options?

Thanks for the patches,


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