Updated xfdesktop (Was: Re: PATCH: auto-fit for xfdesktop)

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at moongroup.com
Tue Dec 2 12:16:36 CET 2003

Op zo 30-11-2003, om 15:32 schreef Nagulan Selvakannu:
> I added a few lines to xfdesktop to enable it to auto fit a picture to
> the background. This is my first time sending in a patch to an open
> source project, i hope i did do it the rigth way. Here's the diff
> command that i ran

Hey Nagulan, 

I just updated CVS with the new stretched and scaled code. I didn't
actually use your code, but it is of course rather similar.

It seems to work pretty well for me, so it would be nice if some people
could test it. I put up a tarball here:


IMPORTANT: This only works with xfwm4 from CVS. 

I did some other cleanups as well, like removing unused files related to
the workspace settings, and adapting the centered option so that it also
centers images that are larger than the screen.

And, in case anyone missed it, there is an option to not set the
background. If this is set, xfdesktop will try to obtain the background
image from the _XROOTPIXMAP_ID property on the root window. This is used
by most background setting programs, I believe. For instance, xfdesktop
works perfectly with xplanet if you use the '-transparency' option to
make it update this root window property.

Documentation still needs to be updated.


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