No, I am not ignoring you

nestu nestu at
Mon Dec 1 20:07:07 CET 2003

Hi, Edscott! ;)
edscott wilson garcia wrote:
> Seems there has been some problems at and I got disabled
> from the mailing list. So if you sent some email to the list since
> Saturday or Sunday and expected and answer from me, please resubmit
> (offlist) and I will answer promptly.
 > Anyways, does anybody know why was 
bouncing mails from
 > I always thought they were the same box. Should 
I suspend use
 > of the lunar-linux address?
HW problems, that are beeing seen to. The server has been 
down, yes :"(
Carry on using your email acct, we will just have to be a 
little patient till things
are finally fixed (soon AFAIK).
Personally I haven't mailed you, though I can if you want to 
cheer you up and
congrat you for your work ]:-)

Nestu ;)))
Lunar Linux
XFce Desktop
#OnlyLinux LUG

<Veerappan> also, i'm upset.  my roommate's treadmill is too 
<Veerappan> another foot, and my bike would fit :)

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