Ideas for 4.2: global configuration

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Mon Dec 1 09:35:06 CET 2003

Op ma 01-12-2003, om 08:48 schreef K Raghu Prasad:
> Hi!
> > Related to this is to allow locking down of the
> > configuration. I tried using the
> > XFCE_DISABLE_USER_CONFIG variable for this, but
> > currently the panel crashes when you set it
> > (related to icon themes).
> Oh.. I thought it was just with me as I was using
> 4.0rc2. So this avenue too is closed for me :-(

If I find a fix soon, it will work in 4.0.2. Please report if you find
more problems.

> Now as I am getting ready to change the panel code
> to remove "add launcher", is there something which
> I should follow which would make my changes useful
> for others too?
> > Perhaps this could better be done using a system
> > config file or  simply the existence of a file
> > ${sysconfdir}/xfce4/disable_user_config.
> > It would be nice to support this I think. Allowing
> > specific things to be locked down would require
> > quite a bit of work but an initial all-or-nothing
> > approach should not be too hard (don't popup the
> > settings dialog, disable related menu items and
> > only read system config files).
> What about writing a function as declared below:
> boolean is_user_config_allowed(gchar* property);
> It may take the name of the property against which
> user configuration option is tested. Properties are
> something like Font, Launcher, Theme etc. A separate
> xml file can list all those properties along with
> "true" or "false" values. Before creating each widget
> related to settings, this function can be called.
> Any opinions?

Sure, but most work is in incorporating the setting in the modules.

Anyway, first we have to decide if we want lock-down (I think we do),
and how fine-grained it should be. One good differentiation I can think
of is: allow theming, but not content changes.


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