PATCH: auto-fit for xfdesktop

Nagulan Selvakannu fundabonka at
Mon Dec 1 05:54:49 CET 2003

 --- Jasper Huijsmans <jasper at> wrote: >
> I will have a look at it this next week. I
> reorganized the xfdesktop
> code a bit, so I need to adapt the patch a little. 
> Anyway, I believe what you call auto-fit is what is
> commonly known as a
> 'scaled' image and what we call scaled should in
> fact be called
> 'stretched'. Some native English speaker may correct
> me if I'm wrong.

Ok that explains a lot :) 

> I already added the STRETCHED style to CVS, but not
> the implementation
> of the new scaled style. So, the end result should
> be:
> TILED : image is tiled from top left to bottom right
> to fill the screen
> CENTERED: image is centered on the screen, the free
> space is filled with
> the background color.
> STRETCHED: the image is stretched to fit the screen,
> without taking into
> account the aspect ratio (what we currently call
> scaled).
> SCALED: the image is scaled to fit the screen with
> the same aspect ratio
> as the original. Any free space is filled with the
> background color.
> AUTO: the image is tiled if it's smaller than 1/2
> the screen width and
> height, otherwise it's stretched.
> Does that sound correct to you?
> 	Jasper

Yap i think i understand what you meant now. I was
also thinking of adding a Custom/Movable feature where
a user could move the picture around the desktop and
put it at a particular position. Probably for things
like watermark effect on other images. A beautiful
landscape picture with 'tux', distro or xfce logo
watermarked at the edge of the image, i think is a
good example.

Though that would mean some addition to the settings
gtk interface. I guess i have to read more on gtk :P. 
Hopefully my next post will contain a patch ;)


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