Ideas for 4.2: packages / CVS modules

Biju Chacko biju_chacko at
Mon Dec 1 03:25:47 CET 2003

On Sat, 29 Nov 2003 13:04:51 +0100, Jasper Huijsmans wrote:

> There are a few adjustments that I would really like to see in our
> package releases and CVS layout, that may make things a bit more clear
> for people who want to install XFce 4.
> * xfce-utils
> I'd like to rename this to xfce4-common to indicate that it provides
> general data and utilities that are required by the desktop environment.

I agree.

> At the same time I believe xftaskbar4 should be move to a separate
> module, because it doesn't fit the essential dependency condition.

Yes, the taskbar is either going to become bigger, with more functionality or is
going to be superceded by enhancements to the panel. Either way, life will be
easier if it is a seperate CVS module.

> * xfce4-toys
> xfce4-tips could be separate or part of xfce4-common even, although I'm
> not sure about the use of fortune.
> xfce4-eyes could be separate or part of a xfce4-panel-plugins package.


> * panel plugins
> Although we try to allow for separate releases for our modules, it might
> still be a good idea to bundle the few plugins that are in our main CVS
> in a xfce4-panel-plugins module. This module would then contain:
> xfce4-mixer, xfce4-systray, xfce4-eyes, xfce4-trigger-laucher.


> * New packages: xfce4-session and xfcalendar.
> IMO it is very important to have xfce4-session in 4.2. It seems to be
> one of the most requested features and apart from that it is simply very
> cool ;-) 
> It works fine for many people and I think we can include it even if it
> is not perfect according to benny's standards ;-)

My only crib with the session manager is that it made my startup and shutdown
really slooooow. I don't know that is just a limitation of the SM protocol or
what. Perhaps it's just me ...?

> Xfcalendar works fine and is a nice addition to the desktop. I should
> probably make the panel clock runxfdesktop on click or double-click.

Maybe it's about time I pulled it from CVS. :)

-- b

Biju Chacko                    Red Hat Inc

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