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Wed Apr 30 16:34:47 CEST 2003

Hi Michelle:

El mar, 29-04-2003 a las 23:12, Shadoe escribió:
> Hello again :)
> Ok I just noticed a problem im xffm and i dont know if it is a user configurable option or not. 
> When renaming a file or creating one, you cannot use SOME capital letters because xffm has Shift + <letter> such as S and F as shortcuts.
> Is there any way around this?

It seems the Shift + <letter> as shortcut was not a clever idea. I've
now changed the keyboard shortcuts to what might be a better
configuration. The changes include:

 F1 (Main menu toggle)
 F2 (Navigation toolbar toggle)
 F3 (File toolbar toggle)
 F4 (Filter box toggle)
 F5 (column titles toggle)
 F6 (Size column toggle)
 F7 (Date column toggle)
 F8 (Group column toggle)
 F9 (Uid column toggle)
 F10 (gtk default selects first element of main menu --if visible--)
 F11 (Mode column toggle)
 F12 = bring up popup menu (also window menu key)

and the shift-ctrl to modify the xffm configuration:
 shift-ctrl-C (Copy on drag toggle)
 shift-ctrl-H (Hidden files toggle)
 shift-ctrl-F (Filetype subsorting toggle)
 shift-ctrl-I (Image autopreview toggle)
 shift-ctrl-M (Monitor toggle)
 shift-ctrl-R (Rsh instead of ssh toggle)
 shift-ctrl-S (Scp/rcp instead of rsync toggle)
 shift-ctrl-T (Trash collection toggle)
 shift-ctrl-W (Wastebasket toggle)

Plus, if you have those windows keys on your keyboard:
 windows key Right = toggle view up 
 windows key left = toggle view down

The full list of keyboard shortcuts is found in the NOTES file, pending
the documentation.

Thanks for the feedback :)


> Thanks again :)
> Michelle
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