I want to try Xfce4 :-)

nestu the_new_guiri at yahoo.es
Fri Apr 25 22:45:46 CEST 2003

Hi Landy!
>I'm attaching last version of update-xfce with minor changes. As usual, any
> problems, please feed me back.

[ ... ]

> how do u use it?
if you run it without parameters, it'll show a help list. If you get the last
version (updated tonight, after my last post), you'll see I've added a better
help and a -A option, that's a "go get a coffee and relax" option (proposed in
the #xfce irc channel, so we have to thank them, as usual :þ ). It'll be more
simple if you read that help, IMO. IAC, I remind you the url to get the
script:  ftp://ftp.unix-ag.org/user/bmeurer/xfce4/update-xfce .
I'm here, so give me another call, if you need me ;)
Night, everybody. Have a nice weekend ;)
nestu ;)))

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