xffm look

Tobias Henle tobias at page23.de
Tue Apr 22 00:14:48 CEST 2003

hi edscott,

>>	- a more detailed and better structured configuration
> Too vague. \me no understand.

okay i will think about it and drop you a mail if i find the problem sth. makes 
me feal wierd about the settings if i use xffm.

>>	- the possibility to use xffm with keyboard only
> This is already possible. To expand nodes use "+", to collapse use "-".
> To access all the functions, you can check the hotkey to use by opening
> the main menu elements. If any hotkey for a function is missing, that
> should be reported as a bug. If it's not reported, then nobody needs it.
> So far the only one reported was to use <return> instead of "+" and "-",
> but I don't know how to do that.

okay add support for the cursor keys too. this is more intuitiv.
backspace should jump to the parent node and/or collaps the current node.
i think the ms explorer hotkeys are very intuitiv (i am sorry to say that)


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