xffm: command line args?

Danny danny.milo at gmx.net
Mon Apr 21 15:20:34 CEST 2003

Am Mon, 2003-04-21 um 14.31 schrieb edscott wilson garcia:
> El lun, 21-04-2003 a las 06:59, Danny escribió:
> > Is it me or can you not use xffm like that anymore:
> > 
> > xffm /mnt/data
> > 
> > to "open" /mnt/data
> > 
> > it "opens" my home dir no matter what now...
> > (the title suggests that it got the /mnt/data, however)
> It works fine here. XFFM_HOME is not redefined to /mnt/data so that
> pressing the home button will take you elsewhere. To redefine XFFM_HOME,
> use the xfce-mcs-manager. Make sure your xffm version is in sync with
> CVS as some bugs related to XFFM_HOME were fixed some hours ago.
Hmm, current cvs:

XFFM_HOME="/mnt/data" xffm /mnt/data/

-> opens my home directory, not /mnt/data.

It also complains about not finding xffm.reg, if that means anything...

> Edscott


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