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Sat Apr 19 15:48:42 CEST 2003

El vie, 18-04-2003 a las 16:49, Moritz Heiber escribió:
> Hello,
> I have some questions about and feature requests for xffm:
> 1) I'ld appreciate if it somebody can make the special nodes like "Book" (It should be
> called "Bookmarks" IMHO) or "Trash" toggleable. I'ld love to have them opened in a
> seperate directory (old xftree behaviour) Some of those things I don't use at all and
> therefore they should be an opportunity to turn them off.

That cannot be added to xffm, because it's already there. If you use the
mcs manager you can turn on/off any root element you like or dislike.
The dissappeared elements will automatically reappear if you perform an
action which requires them (like displaying find output, for example).
Now if you don't use the mcs manager, you can still execute xftree4 for
just the local tree, xfsamba4 for just the network tree, and more. Look
at the symlinks created at /usr/local/bin. And if you can also use your
own script with environment variable definition.

> 2) The right click menu is well structured though I liked the old xftree menu more since
> you could do all operations concerning files with one single and quick click. What about
> getting back to the old menu? Or at least have a decission between both "modes"?

Problem is that if the menu is too long, the time saved in the single
click is lost looking for the element to click. Any element promoted to
the initial popup must be requested by several different users
independently (like the remove or cut+paste have been).

> 3) Icons in the menu bar aren't really fancy. And getting rid of them means getting rid of
> ALL icons. Thats not a good way IMHO.

The main menu icons (top level only) are configurable can be replaced by
your icons of choice, along with all other icons displayed in the tree.
You can also get rid of them without getting rid of all icons.
1- create a directory entry /usr/local/share/xffm/pixmaps/my_theme
2- copy /usr/local/share/xffm/pixmaps/gnome/mime.xml to
3- edit /usr/local/share/xffm/pixmaps/my_theme/mime.xml and change any
icons you like, or remove them from the file to make them go away. Make
sure you add any new icons you may be using to
4- Use xfce-mcs-manager to choose "my_theme" from the list of themes
(you might have to restart the xfce-mcs manager). 

> 4) The "About xffm" screen should be displayed in its window instead of "scrolling"
> through at the bottom.

Nope. But maybe it should teletype like the help options do... 

> 5) Do you really need the arrows on the left side to navigate the files? I don't use ...
> mind making up an option to turn them off?

Toggle the navigation bar off.

> 6) Using Shell variables isn't really the proper way of storing options.

They're not stored. They are toggled on/off on the fly with the
mcs-manger. Of course, if you *want* to store them in a .login or
.bashrc file that's up to you.

On this point, it seems using the TERM variable is a bit buggy since
this gets defined to non-terminals by the system at times. I will be
changing it to XFFM_TERM or TERMINAL to remove this bug.

> Okay, all these proposals are very subjective and were rushing through my mind when using
> xffm. They are just ment to improve the way xffm works and for improving the way the users
> work with it. Thanks for your consideration.

Thank you for your feedback. In view of the fact that all points have
been previously covered, this information should probably be in the xffm


> Bye,
> Moritz
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