seven flavors for xffm

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Sun Apr 13 04:20:36 CEST 2003

xffm rc1 is done and in CVS. It now comes in seven different flavors. If
you type xftree4, you will get an xffm with only the local files branch.
xfsamba4 gives you only the SMB network. xfglob4 gives you the find
branch. xfbook4 gives you the book branch. xftrash4 gives only the trash
branch. xffstab4 gives only the fstab branch. And xfapps4 give you only
the applications branch. You can also set any combination you like by
use of environment variables, which can be also be toggled on the fly
with the use of the xfce-mcs-manager.

I'll be making an announcement (for xfsamba & xffm) on freshmeat to get
more feedback previous to the release of xfce4.

If you think something's missing, see the TODO file to check and see if
it's already been noted.


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