Gtk Colors [Was: Re: Updated patch]

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Tue Sep 24 10:01:06 CEST 2002

Right, I was meaning to ask this for some time. What are your thoughts 
on colors for the panel?

Currently I implemented the color names as used by xfce3. This only 
works well with custom gtkrc files like the ones made by xfce3.

Alternatively, I could try and use gtk colors for different states to 
add colors to the panel, like xfwm4 does. This would make integration 
with other gtk themes easier, but we couldn't use the 8 color palet to 
create gtkrc files in the same way as for xfce3.

Do you have any ideas for that?


Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> Xavier,
>>I speak about this with Jasper and we agreed that there was no need to
>>get an option for that. For instance it may be not as pretty as I say,
>>but I have ideas that can make people change their minds about this.
> Please don't do anything not "standard". By non standard I mean hard
> coding colors, fonts, various effects. Everything regarding widget
> colors/fonts should be managed by gtkrc.
> Cheers,

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