Nasty clock bug [WAS: Re: [xfce4] Bug in resize]

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Mon Sep 23 19:34:15 CEST 2002

Salut Xavier,

> Well. As I explained it to Jasper. This is not really a bug. In fact
> when the clock is created, the default mode set is
> When I create my clock, the default mode is set and I
> check for the mode to know wether I want the frame or not. The problem
> is that the user settings may overwrite the default mode. As I only test
> for that at creation and when the config dialog checkbox changed, the
> frame is not shown at startup.

Such a long sentence explaining that a bug should not be seen as a bug
;-) But that's a bug...

> In fact the trick is to check just after we load the user settings. This
> is fixed for me but I didn't commit it yet.

A fixed bug so... ;-)

> > Since the crash occurs in the frame draw
> > (in gtk), I now think the problem is real and is not in the gtk engine
> > (as I wrongly stated yesterday).
> >
> I don't have this bug so I can't comment on it. Sorry :)

Get and install gnubbuble theme from

or "gnu aqua" from

When you use one of these themes, the panel crashes. If you remove the
clock, the panel works.

BTW, please try w/out border. It makes the code simpler and looks really

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