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Mark W. Webb markwebb at
Mon Sep 16 02:04:09 CEST 2002

yes, I would be someone who is new.  You seem to be familiar with the source
code directory structure.  would it make sense for you, with input from
others I'm sure, to create a nice, clean xfce4 CVS repository instead of
mashing it in with xfce-devel?

just a thought

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Jasper Huijsmans <jasper at> disait récemment que :

> Right, here's what I did:
> * created xfce-utils directory in CVS
> * moved xfbd, xfmouse and xfrun under this directory
> * copied backdrops dir (seemed appropriate here)
> * adapted the sources to compile as one package
> * removed old xfbd/xfmouse/xfrun subdirs
> I added a small TODO file of what I think should be changed. They do
> seem to work.

Could you be more explicit ? I know things are simpler to understand but
for someone (newly arrived to the project) who wants to help out would
be a little perplex IMHO.

> Making the adjustments I mention in the TODO file might also be a nice
> small project for people wanting to help with xfce4 development.
> greetings,


> 	Jasper


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