[XFCE4 CVS] New clock inside :)

Xavier MAILLARD zedek at fxgsproject.org
Sun Sep 15 10:08:46 CEST 2002


At least I did it. Ok clock module is not completely achieved but it's
enough for a daily use (sic).

The big part has been committed this morning. What is missing now is the
save/load user config feature and there is/are a little bug in the
display when panel is in tiny size and when we use the digital clock.
Code need also to be cleaned up (in progress) and I need to better
organize code. There is still some old code portions I will remove. Hold
on for a few commits today :)

This is to be fixed today. Whatever the most beautifull clock is the LED
one :)

I will commit all the missing features today.

Feed back/bugs report and so on are welcome !



P.S: this mail should had been sent yesterday but I misstyped 3 times
the ML adress so you just get the message today. Sorry :)
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