CVS update of xfbugs^H^H^H^H^H^Hxfce4

Jasper Huijsmans huysmans at
Wed Sep 4 20:58:01 CEST 2002

Hello CVS users,

Until now the name xfce has always been almost a synonym for stability
and speed. This will no longer be true. As of today xfce will lose its
good name and forever spend its existence in a dark corner of the linux
universe accompanied only by fellow outcasts like GNOME 0.99 and early
revisions of Mozilla.

What happened you ask? Well, that's easy, I had a nice little idea ...
You all must be familiar with this story. I had this nice little idea
that panel items should all have the same interface, i.e. unify
traditional icons and dynamic modules. And then I thought this
interface should support changing items on the panel on the fly and
well naturally in that case menu items should also be changeable in
place using instant-apply dialogs. And ... 

Anyway before I knew it I was in over my head rewriting the internals of
the panel. There's more. You can now choose the popup button position
for all sizes (left|right|top|bottom, you made me do this Botsie!). I
rearranged the global settings in three tabs. and probably something
else I forgot. Ah, yes you can choose whether you want the panel on top
of other windows or not.

And then there are the bugs. I implemented lots of bugs to scare off
possible early adopters and casual CVS users. See if you can find them

Be warned that the xml file format has changed. This is a consequence
of the change to panel control structures instead of items and
modules. Here is a recipe to update your file manually if you don't
want to lose your settings:

- replace all occurrences of 'Module' with 'Control' (without the

- replace occurrances of <Item>...</Item> that are not inside
  <Popup>...</Popup> tags (these are the menu items), with 
  <Control id="-2">...</Control>

You will lose mailcheck settings as they will now be incorporated into
the main xml file. 

This revision of xfce4 is a bit flaky still. For instance for me it
often crashes on exit (not a really big problem, but a bug nonetheless).
I still dont have much time to work on it, so feel free to fix bugs in
CVS. For this reason also I didn't make a snapshot available on
sourceforge yet.

I also made some sort of TODO list a while ago of features I thought
would be nice to implement for 4.0. I'll list the file here since this
already is a long e-mail anyway. Note that when I say Done this means I
added the feature, not that it's finished (read the above about bugs
;-). Any thoughts?

Major features for 4.0
* port clock widget                     In progress (zeDek)
* unify panel controls                  Done
  (make everything a module)
* improve module configuration          
  - add chosen module to panel          Done
  - direct-apply options                Done
  - save config in main file            Done
    (pass xmlNodePtr to module)
* improve global configuration          
  - add stay-on-top option              Done
  - split up dialog                     In progress
  - port to new xfce-wide system        
* write API docs for plugin writers
* write user docs
* provide good default configuration
* allow different positions for 
  popup button in all sizes             Done

Nice to have for 4.0
* more themes: Night, KDE, Next, WindowsXP, BeOS, ...
  (not too many released with xfce4; < 10)
* volume control plugin

Possible future features (after 4.0)
* optional pager instead of desktop buttons
* swallow apps
* hide popup buttons
* 'Eugenia'-like design with vertical move
  handles and variable size plugins

Have fun,

IRC channel: #xfce on

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