Problem xfce4 an MPlayer v0.90pre9

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Wed Oct 30 12:25:51 CET 2002

Hi Francois,

> If i use MPlayer 0.90pre9 under xfce4 i get problems with the windows
> size. For example if i try to open the playlist or preferences..
> The bottom of the window is never ending.. and it stops reacting.. With
> this errors on my screeGtk-WARNING **: gtk_widget_size_allocate():
> attempt to allocate widget with width 41304 and height 1n.. 
> If i use another wm bv. xfce3 the problem is not apearing..

The message you see comes from mplayer, not xfwm4. It looks like a race
condition or something in mplayer. btw, the window manager doesn't set the size
of the apps at startup so I don't see how it could be responsible for that...

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