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Jaime Buffery the_new_guiri at
Tue Oct 29 16:46:50 CET 2002

Hello ;)
Hope I'm not getting in anyone's way, but as someone suggested if we would
like to help... Right now, I'm working on an telnet client, mainly because
telnet is a basic part of a ftp/http client -it wouldn't need complete
functionality for the downloader, but once I got started... Why am I talking
about all this crap? Well, I asked myself if you would like a personalized
telnet client, and the ftp/http downloader for our beloved XFCE... }:-) No
hard feeling if not, in any case, nobody is taking me away from my X! By the
way, the idea was to have a client and X version of both programmes, themeable
if it could. The telnet client is getting on, but not useable yet. If you
wish, I can give a call as soon as it is, so you can give approval.
Furthermore, if you think it could be integrated in another app, it would be
welcome aswell. Meanwhile, I'm still open to translate to spanish if anything
has to be translated...
Keep up the nice work!,
C U !
nestu ;)

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