libxfcegui4 progress

Jonathan Gardner gardnerj at
Mon Oct 28 15:18:58 CET 2002

On Sunday, the 27th day of October, in the year of our Lord 2002, at 08:29
AM the esteemed person of letters, Olivier Fourdan quoth:

OF> Jonathan,
OF> Just build and install the lib (usual ./configure --prefix=/usr &&
OF> make&& make install) and then cd to the example you want and type
OF> "make"
OF> Note that those examples are mainly for developpers... It's not real
OF> apps. But they work.
OF> Cheers,
OF> Olivier.

I got the Task List to work. One thing though. Forgive me if this is a
real elementary question, but is it possible to have the Task List NOT
always be on top of everything? I don't mind moving stuff out of the way
to get to it, but lets face it it makes a better door than a window ;-)

Also I'm not sure if I'm using session correctly. Is there something I'm
suppsed to do first? just runningthe session app doesn't seem to do

Thanks again.


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