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Mickaël Graf mgf at bredband.net
Sun Oct 27 18:47:57 CET 2002

Hi Olivier

I made a ./configure with xfwm4, and things were okay, but when I did
the 'make' it complained that my auto* tools are too old. I made instead
a ./autogen.sh and the compilation was fine, and I installed it. But
when I start xfwm4, I have no windowborder and xfce4 complains that my
wm doesn't respect freedesktop.org's standards :)

The console gives me this message:
(xfwm4:27838): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in
module_path: "xfce",

(xfce4:27836): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in
module_path: "xfce",
** Message: xfce4: Cannot connect to session manager
** Message: Cannot connect to session manager
missing value for option title_horizontal_offset
xfwm4: Missing values in defaults file


On Sun, 2002-10-27 at 11:16, Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've changed autogen.sh script for xfce4, xfwm4 and libxfcegui4 to make
> use of env vars for automake, autoconf, aclocal and libtool commands.
> This is to avoid using, for example, autoconf-1.6 in the autogen.sh
> script because this is quite distribution specific (some distribution
> install more than one version of the gnu tools and postfix them using
> the version number)
> Jasper, I've also modified the panel to make use of the preview
> fileslector instead of the basic gtk file selector.
> There is also a bug in the panel that place the popup menu in some weird
> location when adding new item. I did not investigate any further on
> this.
> Cheers,
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