[xfwm4] Positioning Bug

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Wed Oct 9 16:21:11 CEST 2002

Hey Botsie,

> I am using xfwm4 from CVS. I cannot move windows above the top of the
> screen. Since I can place windows partly off-screen on the other three
> sides, this seems to be a bug.

No bug here, it is like that on purpose. Users cannot move windows above top margin.

> I noticed this when a vim window resized itself below the bottom of the
> screen and then popped up an error message -- which I couldn't read. I
> tried to move the screen up without success. 

Resize the window. Or better, maximize it, it will fit your screen.

> Which brings up a small feature request: the ability to resize a window
> by moving the upper border downwards, as can be done with the other
> three sides. You could probably decide whether to move or resize by
> setting a resize width at the top. That is, if the pointer is within 2
> or 3 pixels of the top of the titlebar, resize rather than move and hint
> with the pointer approriately.

Use window top corners. Changing that would break all the themes.

> It's not really vital, but would be Nice To Have(tm).

It's part of the initial design. There is little or no chance to change
in a near future.

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