New xfce4 themes

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Tue Nov 26 14:45:50 CET 2002


I just added two new themes for xfce4: Noia and Crystal. They were made
by Jeroen Vloothuis, aka slm on IRC. They are based on KDE themes with
the same name.

Now I have two gnome and two kde themes (I think Curve is gnomish
although redhat designed it to be a unified theme). I don't want to add
too many themes to the main packages, but there is room for a few more.
I'd like to have some themes from other desktops as well. Perhaps a BeOS
theme, a Next/GNUStep one and OS X theme would be nice. Other, more
original themes are of course welcome.

I added mailcheck icons to the curve theme. They are really hard to
find. I used my limited gimp skills to make the nomail icon from the
newmail one. Old mail is the same as no mail, because I couldn't think
of a way to show that. I'm not even sure this works properly.

For the other themes I'd really like to have mailcheck icons too. So if
someone can find or even make them I'd be very grateful.


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