xfce4 doesn't work anymore for me...

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Mon Nov 25 10:20:26 CET 2002

Hi Jasper,

For some reason, xfce4 doesn't work anymore for me now. I've updated all
packages, libxfcegui4, xfwm4, xfce4 and xfce-utils, and got eveything compiled.

When launched, I get no error, but nothing get displayed.

A strace on xfce4 shows that it is running, and I can see the polls for the
clock and trash plugins. Still, I have no panel on screen.

While I'm at it, I noticed that when ran w/out the desktop buttons, the panel
logs a bunch of ugly gtk warnings when switching desks from the WM.

XFce is a lightweight  desktop  environment  for  various *NIX systems. 
Designed for productivity,  it loads  and  executes  applications fast,
while conserving  system resources. XFce is all free software, released
under GNU General Public License.    Available from http://www.xfce.org

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