xffm and DBHashtables

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Mon Nov 25 03:34:18 CET 2002

Time really flies when you're having fun. I have now implemented the
trash collection routine for xffm. It's activated with the button 3
popup over directories. Only the selected path will be affected. If your
xfce trash directory lies in the selected path, it will be collected
too. Otherwise, all files in hidden directories called ".xf_trash" will
be collected. I'm thinking about adding the default trash bins of other
files managers like kde or gnome too (too many separate trash folders
lying around there).

Of course, not a single file is moved or touch. It works by creating a
DBHashtable with the paths so that they will be remembered from session
to session and from one instance of xffm to another. It only sorts by
name at present, but soon it will have the works. You might see repeat
entries, but that's ok, since the trash bin mixes all files at the same
level (like a landfill) but the exact location of each is carefully

If you want the general trash collection to work you must download and
install DBHashtables, available from http://dbh.sf.net in rpm or tar.gz
If not, xffm will still compile but whatever requires (or will require
in the future) DBHashtables will not be available. The autogen.sh script
should tell you something like that.
Why not use plain ghashes? It seem DBHashtables are real powerful stuff
(or so the author says). Go figure.



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