name changes

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Sun Nov 24 04:45:59 CET 2002

Well, I uploaded a new name for xfnautilus: xffm, which seemed the best
option, IT. Easy to type, easy to remember, and does not look like
another program. The CVS directory, nonetheless, remains as xfnautilus.
I don't want to change it and lose the update history. 

I also enabled the popup for directories and put the hiddenfile toggle
there, because the location in xftree is confusing. With xffm you know
exactly which directory you are toggling. Same for sorting by
name/size/etc. The sort/size/toggle characteristics are inherited for
newly added folders from their parents. So if you want to change all the
icons size, change the size on the root folder, then do a double click
on it and all its child icons will change size.



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