updates and problem in xfnautilus

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Thu Nov 21 22:24:35 CET 2002

El jue, 21-11-2002 a las 15:08, Jens Luedicke escribió:
> On Thu, Nov 21, 2002 at 11:34:36AM -0600, edscott wilson garcia wrote:
> > The xfnautilus directory listing uses the d_type field which is not
> > available on all arquitectures (it is on linux and freebsd) and the
> > alternate code has not yet been sorted out. This might be the reason (if
> > you're not using linux nor freebsd).
> > 
> I'm using Debian unstable. 

I checked on the d_type issue and it is not a problem. I have no idea
why it does not work on your box.


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