updates and problem in xfnautilus

François Duprez duprez at planet.nl
Thu Nov 21 22:01:44 CET 2002

On Thu, 21 Nov 2002 21:24:15 +0100
Jasper Huijsmans <jasper at moongroup.com> wrote:

> Ok, new evidence: /var and /home and /W98 all display this behaviour and
> you know what, all three happen to be separate partitions, 2 reiserfs, 1
> vfat (guess which one ;-). So this is either a partition thing or a
> filesystem problem.
> Do other people experiencing problems by any chance use reiserfs
> partitions?

With nautilus a can't see any directory listing. It's complete emy, only a nice folder icon. If i click on the emty space below i segfalult.. I'm using Xfs as a filesystem.


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